Unseen Hand 3

中文: Chinese Version

If I were filming the story of Ruth, I would let tension build to a crisis point, where Boaz tells Ruth that there is a problem: “There’s a closer relative who has first choice to marry you and carry on your dead husband’s name.”

I would have Boaz say to Ruth, “But don’t worry. If the closer relative won’t marry you, I will!” And there I’d put in a break for a commercial, to allow viewers to wonder what will happen next!

And I’d film Boaz in front of the ten witnesses at the bargaining spot, the city gate. I would include Boaz’s shrewd maneuvering of the other relative, and of course, Boaz’s winning the prize he wanted — to marry Ruth!

Coffee/tea ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: Notice how Boaz’s character shines through this story. May his integrity and sexual purity be an example and encouragement to us 3000 years later.


February 18th, 2019