Practical Thoughts on Solitude

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[Recently Win shared these thoughts on Solitude to a group of people. I decided to share them also with you our AO readers. — John]

Spending time alone with God is an important way to experience his Presence. It is also called SOLITUDE, and is a SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand a spiritual discipline like Solitude by comparing it to training our physical muscles to make a habit of working the right way. Spiritual training is like training our spiritual “muscles”.

It takes more work at first to establish a habit, spiritual or physical. It requires time and effort. But the results are well worth it.

The habit of being alone with God — Solitude — has become very important to me. It helps me stay more connected with God throughout the day, to remember he is always with me.

The best time for me is in the morning before I start my day, before my brain gets filled with a bunch of other stuff. (Other people may find other times better).

Because I tend to wake up with negative thoughts, I’ve formed a helpful habit of reading the Bible “Verse of the Day” on my iphone app and to meditate on this as I get up. Then I have coffee with God and my Bible, or go for an early morning walk and pray or listen to music.

Coffee ThoughtCoffee/tea thought:. Allow God be creative with you as a unique, special person and lead you into the solitude patterns that are best for you.

October 18th, 2018