About AO Notes

Alpha Omega Notes

AO Notes focus on spiritual formation and being a follower of Christ in all aspects of life, especially the workplace. They are purposefully brief email thoughts read by busy people in several dozen countries.

AO began around 1992 with short email notes from John Stanford to a few friends. AO grew by word of mouth until, in late 1993, John needed help. One day over coffee with friend Pete Boysen, John talked about the stress he felt. Pete volunteered to become AO Administrator. It has been a wonderful working relationship ever since!

John writes drafts of Notes and refines and refines to keep them understandable, short and pithy. Each Note represents perhaps 5 hours of reading, thinking, writing, editing and formatting. Win, John’s wife, serves as AO Editor. Win’s contributions significantly strengthen the Notes in clarity and impact. Almost all the “Coffee/tea thoughts” come from her. John and Win enjoy talking and brainstorming together about AO, over coffee or tea.

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John & Win

AO Notes are posted on Monday and Thursday at www.aonotes.com, and also sent to email subscribers.  About 157 Notes go out per year; several thousand having been sent since inception.  The Notes are held in a queue until sent out by the software maintained by AO Administrator Pete (Vicki). 

2014-06-30 retirement meal Pete Vicki

Thanks for praying for us and AO!

More about John, Win and Pete

John Stanford is Emeritus Professor of Physics, Iowa State University, Ames. John retired after a third of a century from physics teaching and research. Twenty men and women completed their Ph. D.s under his direction. Win, his wife, is AO Editor and their home manager. They have two adult children and three grandchildren. For several decades John and Win have been involved with sharing Christ’s love with international scholars and students.  John and Win enjoy mentoring relationships. After retirement Win and John were appointed “Leadership Encouragement Team” in their denomination’s Central District. They listen to and pray for pastors, lay leaders and their spouses. John enjoys ancient Christian writers, Chinese language/culture, walking/biking and studying Anglo-Saxon (Old) English. Win likes to read, learn about nutrition and health, ride her bike and go to Curves For Women. She has retired from cooking Thanksgiving dinner. :)

AO Administrator is Pete Boysen, computer science Ph. D. In 2014 Pete retired as staff member of Iowa State University’s Information Technology Services. Pete loves to develop software to help people learn or simplify their lives. Over the years Pete has provided leadership as church elder, missions chairman and children’s ministry worker and Vicki teaches young children about God and African students in Africa about math!

John & Win and Pete & Vicki are members of Christ Community Church, Ames, Iowa (an Evangelical Free Church).