The Pearl

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My favorite of Jesus’ parables, one of the shortest, is about a pearl of great value.

Some years ago I was invited to a meal and was seated across from a prosperous Asian businessman. It came to me to say “I’d like to tell you a story that Jesus told about a businessman who bought and sold pearls. One day he saw the most perfect pearl he had ever seen. He sold everything he owned and bought it.”

My new acquaintance said, “That’s interesting!”. He explained that he liked paintings and bought every one he saw, because if the artist became famous, he would own a valuable painting. But now, on his first trip to the West, he had visited great Western art galleries and had seen the work of famous artists. “All the paintings I own are trash! My goal now is to own a _really valuable_ painting.”

Coffee ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: Lord, give me understanding to discern what is of lasting value, and what is not, and to be willing to sell all I have to gain the Pearl of Great Value, which is You, Lord Jesus.


Ref: Matthew 13:45-46

September 28th, 2020

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