Solid Ground To Stand On

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I am tempted to fear when I feel things are beyond my control. When I have no power to bring about the outcome I want.

But when I remember we have a God who is in control, and that he has a plan for good — then my spiritual feet find solid ground to stand on again.

This was Rahab’s experience. When others in Jericho saw only fearful, out-of-control events, by faith Rahab told the two spies sent by Joshua, “I know the Lord has given you this land.” She believed their God was over all things and had a plan for good. She believed and survived.

Coffee ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: Do events feel out of control in my life today? May I choose to follow Rahab’s model of faith: God is in charge and his way is perfect.


Ref: Joshua 2; Psalm 18.30; Rom. 8.28

May 4th, 2020

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