An Old Prayer Still Speaks

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It was a dark time. Many were dying from the Black Death Plague, and prolonged war had wearied people. The church was at a low ebb, with its leaders focused on power and wealth instead of godliness.

But at that time, in 14th-century Europe, God raised up a number of deeply spiritual writers who gave hope and courage to many. One of these was the anonymous English author of “The Cloud of Unknowing” which begins with this prayer:


to You every heart stands open,

every will speaks, no secret is hidden.

I humbly ask You

to cleanse the purpose of my heart

with the inexpressible gift of Your grace

so that I may perfectly love You

and worthily praise You.


Coffee ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: What feelings might you today have in common with those 14th-century people? As you slowly reread this prayer, do you sense God speaking special words to you?


Ref: The Cloud of Unknowing, late 1300s A.D., by an anonymous English author.

March 16th, 2020

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