Matters Too Great – 2

中文: Chinese Version

“Lord, my heart is not proud;

my eyes are not haughty.

I don’t concern myself with matters too great

or too awesome for me to grasp.

Instead, I have calmed and quieted myself,

like a weaned child who no longer cries for its mother’s milk.

Yes, like a weaned child is my soul within me.

O Israel, put your hope in the Lord—

now and always.” Psalm 131 NLT

A young child can’t understand many words. But it does experience the love of its parents. So the child can rest quietly, peacefully, when its loving parent is near.

Similarly, when we have experiences in life which we don’t understand, we can rest quietly with our loving God.

Coffee ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: Imagine what it might be like to rest contentedly in God’s presence, trusting that God intimately knows you and what you are experiencing, and is working all things for good.


February 24th, 2020

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