Days Ahead 2

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The imagery of Richmond Deck’s poem has been meaningful to me for many years. The last stanzas of his poem (song) describe two other kinds of days spent with Jesus:

“Days there may be of joy, and deep delight,
When earth seems fairest, and her skies most bright;
Then draw me closer to You, lest I rest
Elsewhere, my Savior, than upon Your breast.

“And all the other days that make my life,
Marked by no special joy or grief or strife,
Days filled with quiet duties, trivial care,
Burdens too small for other hearts to share;

“Spend those days with me, all shall be Thine [Yours]—
So shall the darkest hour with glory shine.
Then, when these earthly years have passed away,
Let me be with You in the perfect day.

Coffee ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: Reflect on the wonderful truth in this poem that we can experience the Presence of Jesus _every_ day, whether those days are full of joy, or desperate with loss and change, or merely ordinary and mundane.


Ref: Author Richmond Deck, later 18th century, poem/song “I take Thy promise, Lord” (with a few words modernized)

September 26th, 2019

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