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Ever since I was a new believer in college, the words of a song by Richmond Deck have been meaningful to me. The author ponders the days ahead, the ups and downs of ordinary life:

“I take Your promise, Lord, in all its length,
And breadth and fullness, as my daily strength;
Into life’s future fearless I may gaze,
For, Jesus, You are with me all the days.

“Days may be coming filled with loss and change,
New scenes surround my life, and fancies strange;
I thank You that no day can ever break,
Savior, when You will leave me or forsake.

“There may be days of darkness and distress,
When sin has power to tempt, and care to press—
Yet in the darkest day I will not fear,
For, ’mid the shadows, You wilt still be near.

Coffee ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: In what ways do you resonate with the author’s expectations of the Presence of Jesus?


Ref: Author Richmond Deck, later 18th century, poem/song “I take Thy promise, Lord” (with a few words modernized)

September 23rd, 2019

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