A Prayer of an Early Christian

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Cyprian (c. 200-258 A.D.) was Bishop of Carthage, an important city in Tunisia, North Africa. He was known for being generous with his possessions, and was martyred for his faith.

Here is a prayer of his:

Almighty God, who resists the proud and gives grace to the humble, send your Holy Spirit and let that mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus, that we may be meek and lowly of heart. Let us not displease you by our foolish pride.

Teach us not to think of ourselves more highly than we ought to think, to be modest in speech, just and merciful in action, and generous to all.

Coffee ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: Take a few moments to “sit with” Cyprian’s prayer. Do you sense God speaking to you.?


Reference: adapted from Ancient Christian Devotional (Lectionary Cycle C), ed. Thomas Oden, InterVarsity Press, 2007.

September 19th, 2019

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