The Real Saint Patrick 5

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I see several parallels between Patrick and the Biblical Joseph. Both were sold into slavery as teenagers. God spoke to both of them through dreams. Both showed the love of God to people who had treated them very badly. Both had significant influence on later generations and cultures.

In the 6th century, one of Patrick’s spiritual descendants established a Christian training center on Iona, a small island between Ireland and Scotland. From Iona, missionaries went to Scotland.

In the 7th century, an Irish missionary from Iona brought Christianity to the Anglo Saxons in Northumbria (northern England). Within a century, the Anglo Saxons (who become known as the English) had become Christian. From there Christianity spread to non-Christian people groups in northern Europe.

Coffee/tea ThoughtCoffee/tea thought:. Take a moment to ponder God’s amazing ways, how he can use his children’s steps of obedience to bless many others, often across centuries and cultures.


March 11th, 2019

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