The Real Saint Patrick 1

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Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations don’t reveal much about the _real_ Patrick who brought Christianity to Ireland. He lived 16 centuries ago in Roman Britain. Though his grandfather and father were church leaders, Patrick was not a Christian. Suddenly, his comfortable, wealthy lifestyle was turned upside down: As a teenager he was captured by pirates, taken along with others across the ocean to Ireland and sold as a slave.

Often cold and hungry, Patrick was forced to care for livestock on lonely, windswept Irish hillsides. He began to recall Christian teaching he had heard growing up. Years later Patrick wrote:

“The Lord opened my senses to my unbelief so that I might turn to the Lord my God with all my heart. He took pity on my adolescence, on my ignorance and kept safe watch over me before ever I knew Him … It was He who strengthened me, consoling me just as a father comforts his son.”

Coffee/tea ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: Let Patrick’s story of God’s presence and comfort soak deep into your heart and encourage you today to find rest and strength in the same God who has promised to be with us always.


February 25th, 2019

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