Loving God With Mind and Heart – Alcuin 5

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Alcuin (died 804 AD) is considered the greatest scholar in medieval Europe. Here is one of his prayers I appreciate for its practical focus on godly and upright living in everyday situations:

Almighty Father, I thank You for protecting me during the night, and I beg your mercy, most kind Lord, that I may spend the coming day in your service with humility and right choices, so that my service may always be pleasing to you.

Deliver me from evil that prowls around me, so that I may not stumble but follow your commandments, avoiding all scandal and error. I ask this through Jesus Christ my Lord.

Coffee/tea ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: What parts of Alcuin’s 1200-year-old prayer might you wish to make your own today?


Ref: Adapted from Douglas Dales, A MIND INTENT ON GOD — The prayers and spiritual writings of Alcuin: An anthology (2003)

February 7th, 2019

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