Loving God With Mind and Heart – Alcuin 2

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Twelve-hundred years ago, Anglo-Saxon scholar Alcuin expressed these deep thoughts and feelings to God:

“O Lord, King of heaven and earth, I will honor You with the sacrifice of praise. I have few outward gifts to give You, but I offer to You those that are within as an offering of praise.” — Alcuin (adapted)

Alcuin realized that “outward gifts” were of far less importance to God than those offered from “within,” from his own will and choosing.

Coffee/tea ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: Let’s join Alcuin, one of the most accomplished scholars in history, in offering to God heartfelt praise from our inner being, our heart and mind.


Ref: A Mind Intent on God — The Prayers and Spiritual Writings of Alcuin, by Douglas Dales (2003)

January 28th, 2019

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