God Became A Baby

He made everything. And then he gave up his rights and chose to enter his creation as a human baby. We aren’t told the details of _how_ this happened. And rather than becoming entangled with speculation, it is better to follow the wisdom of Ephrem the Syrian (4th century):

“Blessed is the person, my Lord, who knows that Your Greatness is incomprehensible. And quickly restrains his tongue, so that it honors Your birth with silence.”

Coffee/tea ThoughtCoffee/tea thought: May I honor the mystery of Your birth, Lord Jesus, with contemplation, silence and gratitude.


Ref: Hymn III in The Hymns of Faith — St. Ephrem the Syrian, tr. by Jeffery Wickes, 2015. (Vol. 130 in series The Fathers of the Church)

December 20th, 2018

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